Landmark Solution for Clean Energy

So I don’t shock any new readers out there I have to start by saying that I’m a complete science fiction and fantasy nerd. I know it’s surprising but it’s true and I have people willing to back me up on that statement. Starships, aliens, elves, fairies, and their ilk are all over my bookshelves and movie collection. There, now you know.

One of the things I love about science fiction is the relationship between writers and scientists that has developed since Jules Verne invented the genre. A writer comes up with a crazy invention, say a communication device that fits in a pocket and has no wires. (Yes, you’re thinking Star Trek, but they took a lot of their material from classic SF writers. Read Space Cats by Robert Heinlein if you don’t believe me and check the original publication date. I did warn you about the nerd thing.)

Then a scientist or inventor picks up the book and thinks “Hey, that could be done.” Allow time to discover a hundred ways not to create the gadget and voila a new gadget that people decide they cannot live without. Cool, huh?

Now, I realize that right now I’m about to cheat a bit. To truly follow this relationship I know I should have a device be part of everyday use in a story and I probably will at some point just because it is amazing. But I’ve seen a number of articles and news pieces about oil, energy, and the environment lately and I figure this invention idea is too important to wait around until I come up with a world to stick it in.

I have the best idea for unlimited, clean energy. The idea came while I was with my nieces. My four-year old little monkey girl suddenly dashed across the room and started turning somersaults. Which she kept doing in circles around the living room for an hour. While this was going on her six-year-old sister stood bouncing on the balls of her feet while coloring. The one-year-old simply ran back and forth between the two, giggling. When I asked the two who were old enough to talk what was up they told me they just had too much energy and had to do something with it.

Hello eureka moment! Now engineering is not my thing, but I figure that one hour explosion of energy could probably power most of my electronic devices for quite a while without the kids even needing a nap if it could only be harnessed. Talk about a solution to generating clean (okay, occasionally yogurt or ketchup covered, with muddy feet) energy.

So, you inventors contact me and we can discuss dividend rights to this one.


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