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Cue Aretha Franklin!

Normally when something is bothering me I hit the kitchen and take my frustrations out on a batch of bread dough. Kneading dough is a marvelous stress reliever and you end up with a house that smells fantastic and something … Continue reading

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End the Hostage Mentality

I don’t usually get into politics here. In fact, normally I strictly avoid politics. I used to be a government employee and frankly have bad memories of the political games. But right now I’ve got a lot on my mind … Continue reading

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Guilty Secret

I have a confession. Let me start by explaining that I advocate healthy eating. I like brown rice. My fridge and freezer are always full of veggies. I consider fruit a dessert (yeah, ok, I do drizzle chocolate over the … Continue reading

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A Completely Productive Day

Today I had planned to be highly focused and productive. I even sat down last night and drew up a schedule, accounting for everything. I even included checking in with a friend to see how his date went last night. … Continue reading

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